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Dishwasher Ecotabs

Dishwasher Ecotabs

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Who said you need synthetic chemicals, to wash your dishes?! These bad boys are molded with 96% plant & mineral based ingredients, built in rinse-aid, and no plastic wrappers. 

What about their effectiveness? Thanks for asking:

3rd party product tests found that these ecotabs have the same efficacy and rinsing power than top dishwasher brands today. Whether that be in hard water, low temperature, or quick wash settings.

Choose an effective, biodegradable alternative from a company that actually cares about the planet and it's people. 


EcoCert certified - a certification which means our tabs are actually eco!
Made up of 96% plant & mineral-based ingredients
Works in hard water, low temperature and a quick wash
Comes in a small compact box of 30 tablets.

About The Brand

OceanSaver, a pioneer in sustainable homecare solutions. Born from a love for the oceans and a determination to reduce single-use plastic, OceanSaver's goals resonates with ours.

Their innovative EcoDrops, plant-based and non-toxic, dissolve in water, offering superior cleaning power while reducing plastic waste.

OceanSaver inspires change, aiming to eliminate single-use plastics from cleaning routines. Their commitment to transparency, problem-solving, and environmental responsibility aligns with our values, making them an integral partner in our mission for a healthier planet.

The Environmental Problem

OceanSavers dishwasher tablets were tested against one of the leading dishwasher brands. Results show they have the same cleaning efficacy with better rinsing power.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gemma Travis
Great tablets

I’ve struggled to find eco friendly dishwasher tablets that actually get your glasses streak free and tea cups properly clean but these tablets really work. I’m really pleased with them - we are a family of four and I put absolutely everything we use in the dishwasher so it’s really loaded, but everything comes our clean. Very pleased!!

Julie Beaty
Excellent Product

I am really pleased with these dishwasher tablets, they clean the dishes really well and leave no residue, and I live in a hard water area. I shall be buying these on a regular basis.

Eco Jo
Sparkling Dishes

Surprised how well this little tablet cleans - all the tea stains have gone from the mugs and glasses were sparkling!! So impressed and love the mini box!