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Merkur 23c German Safety Razor

Merkur 23c German Safety Razor

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The MERKUR Razor brand has crafted high-quality, elegant, double-bladed safety razors in Germany for more than 120 years now.  So you better believe that they make some of the best razors on Earth.

If you don't believe it, just do some quick googling. You'll find hundreds of online reviews and articles saying the same thing: that if you need a razor that can last you a lifetime, give a clean shave, and won't break or rust, this one is it.

Built with a 3.75" handle with a non-slip grip and chrome finish. And designed to both create an easy transition from traditional razors, and those with sensitive skin. 

Say goodbye to plastic waste from single use razors, or nicks and cuts from cheap safety razors.

Care & Disposal

Care: Let the razor air dry between uses. Replace the blade every 5-7 shaving sessions, or when you notice a worse shave. 

Disposal: Collect the used razor blades in a closable container. Don't just throw them away, as they could harm waste management workers.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Worth every penny. Best razor I’ve ever used and probably the last one I’ll ever have to buy 😊


    Absolutely wonderful! Best shave I’ve ever had! It’s my first time using a safety razor, but this razor was surprisingly very delicate! My skin would feel a little tender sometimes, but the razor was very tolerant to inconsistencies!

    James A.
    Great razor for beginners

    Being new to this kind of shaving (although I wish I had been doing it from the very start), I'm very impressed with the Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor.
    It's weighted well and moves smoothly across my face and neck as I shave with it. It's very easy to get and maintain a good, firm grip on the handle.
    It's priced well and a fine razor to start with.

    Samuel H
    It's a new day and an old way!

    This is a precision instrument that I fully appreciate. The balance as well as the fit and finish is spot on. As much I love shaving with Mercury 23C, I going to collect a few more safety razors because to tell you the truth I’m getting addicted to this type of shaving! I’ll never go back to the drug store razors again as the old way of shaving is just a better shave hands down.

    Andrew T
    Excellent Razor

    I just purchased the Merkur 23C long handle safety razor and am blown away of how close of a shave it delivers! Not one nick. Very easy to load and handle never slipped - perfect weight for a perfect shave. Thank you Merkur!