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2pc Wahi Hawaii Toothbrush

2pc Wahi Hawaii Toothbrush

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Think about it, that plastic toothbrush you used when you were 4, still exists somewhere on this Earth, or has been burned! That's crazy! And we dispose of 23 billion of them every year.

Thankfully though, we have Jason and Miyo from Wahi Hawaii to craft beautiful bamboo toothbrushes for us. While using their profits to help fund beach clean-ups for the people of Maui.

If you haven't used a bamboo toothbrush before, know that there is nothing to fear. They last just as long as normal toothbrushes, and the bristle strength is rated as medium, which is the exact strength that dentists recommend.

In terms of bamboo, it's one of the most regenerative and sustainable materials in the world. It doesn't require any pesticides, grows incredibly fast, and sequesters incredible amounts of carbon during growth.


This toothbrush is made of sustainable moso bamboo. A highly renewable resource that can grow 3 feet a day, produce 35% more oxygen than trees, reach maturity in as little as three years, and grows in environments that don't require pesticides.

About The Brand

Wahi Hawaii is a family business based out of Maui, Hawaii. The founders, Jason and Miyo work with farmers across the globe to decide where the best and most sustainable areas to harvest bamboo from, and then they carefully craft it into the toothbrush we know. Currently they source bamboo from Indonesia, Vietnam, India and China.

Today, they use their profits to support environmental initiatives around the world, and host local beach clean-ups.

The Environmental Problem

Think about it, that plastic toothbrush you used when you were 4, still exists somewhere on this Earth! Or it's been burned. Globally, we dispose of 29 billion a year... that's a bit crazy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephanie B.
Good Brush

I must say this brush is just so good.
It is Soft and clean, it also makes my mouth fresh for the whole day. Easy to use, I mean not so hard on teeth.

Donald F.
Good Product

I really like the concept, and the product is satisfactory so far in the first month of use.


Bristles clean your gums really well. I've had it for months and the bamboo never gets moldy. Good grip and doesn't feel flimsy. It's a genuinely good toothbrush, not just for the environment, but from a dental perspective as well:)


We like these. The bristles are neither too soft nor too hard. They last months. And they are easy to travel with because they are smaller than the normal toothbrush. If there's supposed to be a difference between the white and black bristles I dont notice one.


I like that the bristles are firmer than most bamboo brushes on the market