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Organic & Plastic-free Sanitary Pads

Organic & Plastic-free Sanitary Pads

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The founders of Plastfree were tired of having to compromise effectiveness and efficiency for sustainability in their menstrual products. After two years of R&D, Plastfree created the highest absorbing biodegradable sanitary pad available. Giving you 5 x absorption & ultimate comfort during periods.

Certified by:

  • GOTS for organic cotton top sheet
  • MSL for microbiological testing
  • SGS for absorption by the biodegradable core
  • FDA certified manufacturing facility
  • Vegan for plant based glue. 

Live Consciously. The choice is yours!

    Environmental Problem

    - Discarded menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic waste product found in the ocean, and In 2018 alone, people in the U.S. disposed of 5.8 billion of these items.

    - 85% of tampons contain Monstanto's 'cancer causing' glyphosate pesticide in it. Since cotton is an extremely pesticide and insecticide heavy crop. 

    - Most tampons contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. While the products sit in landfills, these chemicals get soaked up by the earth and are released as pollution into groundwater and air.

    - inorganic cotton has to be one of the most harmful crops to grow, yet it is the least talked about. Cotton is considered on of the world’s “thirstiest crops,” requiring six pints of water to grow just one little bud). The worst part may be the incredible amount of pesticides and insecticides required to produce them. Which is rapidly destroying our vital top soils. A non-renewable resource that takes at least a 100 years to form.


    100% Organic cotton top sheet, biodegradable SAP, biodegradable bottom layer, vegan glue to stick 3 layers of absorbent layers, anion technology anti-bacterial strip to reduce odor & a breakthrough design with individual cotton covers. All this to make your periods most sustainable!

    About The Brand

    Abi & Anushka are the two founders of Plastfree that wanted to make manufacturers more responsible for their frivolous use of plastic in their products.

    Although they were pleased to find a few products in the market that was organic & biodegradable, they were was not satisfied with the quality, performance & packaging. Many still came with wrappers, core, back sheet all made of plastic and did not absorb well enough causing leaks and stains.

    They also wanted to make a product which was not only plastic free, chemical free, dioxin free and fragrance free in all layers, but also wanted it to be fit for its purpose & more.

    Two years of research and development materialized the concept of Plastfree, the highest absorbing biodegradable sanitary pad range available.


    Plastfree Foundation works with various charities in UK & abroad to tackle period poverty by giving donations, film screenings to raise awareness, talks in schools & collaborating with like minded organizations.

    The Environmental Problem

    85% of tampons contain Monstanto's 'cancer causing' glyphosate pesticide in it. Since cotton is an extremely pesticide heavy crop, it rapidly destroying our vital top soils and polluting our water systems.
    Discarded menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic waste product found in the ocean
    Inorganic cotton is extremely water intensive, requiring 6 pints of water to grow just one small bud.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    They’re amazing! Heavy bleeder

    Even as I was in so much pain I was so excited when I opened one of the pads up for the first time!! Finally a pad that is big enough for me (please don’t ever change the size of these!) and it’s so comfortable. I don’t feel like I even have one on :)

    (Night) sanitary pads not confortabile

    Without odors! But it’s too bigger not comfortable!

    excellent product and service

    This is probably one of the best sanitary products that I have used. They’re comfortable, don’t leak, don’t have a horrid perfume smell, and are good for the environment (unlike another brand I used to buy). They arrived super quick and with a lovely note.

    healthy for the planet and for me!!

    These biodegradable pads are an absolute game-changer, and I seriously respect the brand itself. Normally I use pads made of plastic, which cause skin irritation and discomfort. These ones, on the other hand, are soft and kind to your skin. And you can feel good knowing that you’re not polluting the earth with your time of the month! All menstrual products should strive to be like Plastfree’s products. I have officially switched over to Plastfree, and will never buy another plastic pad again!

    Angela Chapman
    Ecofriendly Sanitary Pad

    Good to hear this product is completely biodegradable .
    Shocked to hear how much landfill a woman can contribute to in her lifetime by using regular pads.

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