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I Tested The Top 6 Zero Waste Toothpaste's So You Don't Need To

I Tested The Top 6 Zero Waste Toothpaste's So You Don't Need To

DISCLOSURE: The Eco-friendly marketplace Ecoternatives has asked me to write about this topic, but all opinions are unbiased, and 100% my own.

We throw away over 2 billion plastic toothpaste tubes every year... that’s a lot of plastic that will never disappear. We know that there are sustainable alternatives out there, but which one's actually work?

Well, I tested the top 6 brands so you don't have to.

Let's first start with the price for these products per 60 tablets. (note that the more you buy, the better the price)

  1. Clean Canary ($5.95)
  2. The Humble Co ($8.99)
  3. Crush & Brush ($11.25)
  4. Desesh ($11.99)
  5. Bite Toothpaste ($11.99)
  6. Georganics ($12.50)

Note: I've also tried Unpaste Tabs in the past, but didn't care for them. It's actually what inspired my search for the best toothpaste tablet.

Let's get into it👇

Top Brand - Desesh 

Price: $11.99

Desesh blew my mind.

The flavor is like actual mint, not that fake sugary stuff. And you'd think that's the best part, but the foaming power is the real deal. Almost like a mini party in your mouth.

They also don't have some weird aftertaste, unlike other brands I've tried.

The only catch was that if you order the bulk bag, the tablets can get a bit crushed, leaving some powdery leftovers. But no biggie – just use it as toothpaste powder!

Overall, it's all that you can really ask for. 

Plus, they donate 5% of their sales to nonprofit organizations :)

Overall rating: 5/5

Runner Up - Canary

Price: 5.95, only when you purchase from Ecoternatives (it normally retails for much more than this)

These tablets are fat, and the flavors are amazing!

I love the peppermint, but for my 2-year-old, the strawberry-kiwi is an absolute hit (she finally enjoys brushing her teeth with mom and dad - thank GOD!)

I enjoy her using the tablets because it's less messy, and it doesn't ever make me feel comfortable when she swallows normal toothpaste (no matter what brand we use).

Canary saved the day - nothing to complain about here.

Overall rating: 4.7/5 

#3: Humble Co

Price: $8.99

Although there was nothing exactly special about this brand, I was absolutely content using them.

Was I as excited to brush my teeth with Humble Co rather than the top 2 brands? No, but there's really nothing much to complain about here. 

My only issue with Humble Co is that they are the only brand I reviewed that also sells plastic products, so it just makes me curious on how much of an emphasis they really put on zero waste manufacturing. 

Rating: 4/5

#4: Crush Brush by Nelson's Naturals

    Price: $14.95

    Explosion in the mouth!

    The flavor is very powerful (plus they offer soda flavors that remind me of the Bottlecaps candy), but the actual power of the tablet does not seem as effective to make my top choices. 

    Overall rating: 3.7/5

    #5: Bite 

    Price: $11.99

    At first, I was really excited to try bite because I saw it all over my social media.

    However, I was a bit disappointed when push came to shove. The flavor is strong and suffices, but there is little to no foaminess, so it doesn't feel like it's really working.

    Also, they're a bit smaller than the other tablets and sometimes I'll need to use two - which makes Bite, well, twice as expensive.

    Overall rating: 3.5/5 

    #6: Georganics

    Although Georganics will get the job done, here are some problems I had with it:

    First off, the toothpaste tablets felt a "gritty" on my teeth, which I didn't like.

    The mint flavor also tasted a tad bit salty and tastes a bit artificial, which I really don't like.

    Overall, I would skip this one since there are better options out there.

    Overall rating: 2.5/5 

    Other Tips for the Best Brushing Experience

    • Chew the tablet until it’s almost dissolved, then start brushing. This is the best way to create the most foam.

    • Instead of rinsing your mouth, rinse your brush and brush again for a more thorough clean.

    • Don’t forget to use a tongue scraper! Nobody says it better than Dental hygienist, Tenika Patterson...
    "Brushing is OK to do, but think about it this way — if your carpet is dirty and you scrub it, the dirt’s going to get rubbed around. But if you scrape it, it’s going to come right off the surface." Dental hygienist Tenika Patterson.

      Where to Get The Most Affordable Eco Products?

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      Thank you Ecoternatives team!


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