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What is an Ambassador?
Ecoternatives ambassadors help spread our brand in exchange for commissions on the sales they help generate. By creating an account and receiving a custom link, they can share it to earn a 10% commission on each sale. They aren't technically "employees", but if you'd like to introduce yourself, email us! We love meeting you guys :) 

Becoming An Ambassador

Who Are Ecoternatives Ambassadors?

Ecoternatives ambassadors are individuals that want to share our brand with friends and followers. They receive 10% comissions on any sales they generate with their unique link. For example, if your friend or follower uses your unique link to spend $50 at our store, you will receive a $5.00 commission. 

Who Can Become An Ambassador?

Uh... Anyone! We don't discriminate based on how many followers, subscribers, or readers you have. As long as you are passionate about protecting our planet, and promoting conscious consumerism, we're happy to have you.

Can I Customize My Unique URL + Discount Codes?

To customize your unique URL go to: Home > Referral Link > And click the pencil icon under referral link.

We do not currently have discount codes to share. This is because our profit margins are small, and it's tough to stay profitable if we're giving out two different commissions. We are sorry if you were expecting one.

Can I Repost Ecoternatives' Media?

Yes, feel free to use any content we have ownership of to promote our mission of making sustainable products more affordable.

Can I Track My Commissions?

Yes! Navigate to 'Network' in your portal to see a summary of your commissions.

How Do I Get Paid?

We pay our ambassadors automatically via PayPal! Link your PayPal account to your portal under: "Payments".