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3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap
3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap

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3.5oz Handmade Shaving Soap


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A vegan, palm oil free shaving soap, handmade with skin loving oils and butters. It creates a luxurious lather mild enough to be used by all skin types and a residual slickness for a clean shave. If you haven't shaved with bar soap before, this is your sign to try it.

  • Highly concentrated
  • No fillers, artificial colors, or fragrances
  • No SLS, No GMO, No Parabens
  • Manufactured in a carbon-neutral warehouse
  • Handmade in small batches using cold process

To help the bar last as long as possible, use a soap rest.

EcoLiving also plants a tree and donates a portion of sales for each product sold :)

  • Shaving soap can last up to four times longer than a can of aerosol cream. This means less metal cans lying around and less carcinogens in the air.

  • Propane is often used in traditional shaving creams and gels as a propellant. Propane is a hydrocarbon and greenhouse gas.

  • Many chemicals found in shaving products can’t biodegrade after they make it into our waterways and ocean.

  • Your skin has natural ways of hydrating itself. Cans of shaving creams include ingredients that make it harder for your skin to hydrate.

Sodium Cocoate (coconut) oil, Kaolin (clay), Sodium Babassuate (Babassu) seed oil, Sodium castorate (castor) oil, Aqua, Glycerine, Parfum, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate

Jo started Ecoliving in 2014 after refusing to accept that waste is an inevitable consequence of how we consume products. 

With a firm belief that there is almost always an eco-friendly option that is comparable in price, better in quality, and that doesn’t come at the expense of the planet, she started her own zero waste store.

Now, EcoLiving...

  • Manufactures their products in a carbon-neutral warehouse.
  • Is partnered with Eden Reforestation projects to plant a tree for every product sold.
  • and is a member of 1% For The Planet, donating a portion of all profits to environmental efforts to stop climate change and reduce extreme poverty.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Hallie Goodman
    Yay! no more toxic chemicals on my skin

    Can't believe most shaving creams still get away with using the chemicals they do. Glad the ingredients list is simple yet effective for these soaps.

    Eh, okay - I like Gillette too much

    I wanted to like this product but I think I'm too stuck in my "old ways" of using Gillette shaving cream. Still a product I would reccomend to people. It's at least not too expensive.

    Buying for my friends

    I didn't know what to expect of this at first. My first use I wasn't a huge fan, but I started using it more and I think it's a very suitable eco alternative. Love that it doesn't contain palm oil like most other soaps too. Going to get this for all my friends now and force them to use it hahah

    Leslie Poh
    Lasts so long!

    I was unsure about this product before, but I said "hey, it's only$5 bucks what the heck." and I've found it works just as well as normal shaving cream. Just without the aerosol and aluminum can after. The biggest shock however was how long this bar is going to seem to last me. I shave regularly and have been using this bar for a month and it looks pretty freaking similar to the size I got it at.

    Sarah Wong
    Getting back to how it used to be.

    I've used shaving soap my whole life, it's how I think everyone should shave. I've also used many different types of shaving soaps but I think this one is giving me the best shave. All you do is rub it around your skin with some water and it creates a great smoothy lather. Definitely going to buy more after this bar is done.