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EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets

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EcoLiving Toothpaste Tablets


  • tin (60ct)
  • refill (125ct)
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed - Free Returns :)

We sell for $4.50 // Retails between $8.00-$13.00

These tablets are so epic! Pop one in your mouth, bite down, and let it foam up in your mouth. They're packed with powerful whitening powers, the most effective anti-plaque properties, and a fresh aftertaste.

Instead of fluoride, EcoLiving uses Hydroxyapatite. The same material that makes up 97% of our natural tooth material, and dentist approved. Fun fact, NASA developed  hydroxyapatite so American astronauts could remineralize their teeth in space.

Ecoternatives worked really hard to find an affordable supplier. Leading competitors sell units like this for well over double the price that we do. 

100% infinitely recyclable packaging.

EWG Verified | Safe & Clean Ingredients | SLS Free.

EcoLiving plants a tree for each item sold + donates a portion of sales.

An estimated 1.5 BILLION plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year. We can do something about that!

Sorbitol, calclum carbonate, kaolin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, hydrated silica, maltodextrin, yeast extract, sodium monofluorophosphate, magnesium stearate, mentha arvensis leaf oil, menthol, stevioside, mentha piperita oil.

Jo started Ecoliving in 2014 after refusing to accept that waste is an inevitable consequence of how we consume products. 

With a firm belief that there is almost always an eco-friendly option that is comparable in price, better in quality, and that doesn’t come at the expense of the planet, she started her own zero waste store.

Now, EcoLiving...

  • Manufactures their products in a carbon-neutral warehouse.
  • Is partnered with Eden Reforestation projects to plant a tree for every product sold.
  • and is a member of 1% For The Planet, donating a portion of all profits to environmental efforts to stop climate change and reduce extreme poverty.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    India Ellot
    Skeptical at first

    I got used to using these really quickly. One tablet will do the job, making your mouth feel fresh. They don't really turn that creamy once you chew them, as is described in the usage instructions, but they do froth up a bit. If I'm going somewhere special or want a bit of extra freshness I just use 2 of them at once and then that gets really foamy and clean! But honestly for the price it doesn't even matter. Other stores sell 80 tablets for this much

    had to give them away

    I thought they were flouride-free :( I know many people like flouride and its an ingredient in most all toothpastes but I don't want them.

    Marvin Skorman
    One of the better dental tabs

    I have used other brands in the past that just contained clay and they weren't abrasive enough and did a bad job. These have flouride as well which is great! I love that these are zero waste and I highly recommend them!

    Now I don't need to buy from these big corps

    Got these to cut plastic use
    They are fabulous together with bamboo toothbrush
    I used to get sensitive teeth but not more
    A little small but it's really all u need

    Toothpaste Tablets review

    Having being used to toothpaste from a tube..first impression was that it was weird...not sure about the tablets. However after using them for a few days I am getting used to them and am going to continue to use toothpaste tablet. They have a lovely minty taste.