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Bamboo Switch Safety Razor

Bamboo Switch Safety Razor

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We sell for $14.95 | Retails for up to $30.00

Note: We've chosen to purchase and sell these razors "naked" to reduce packaging and shipping waste. Although it is less "pretty", it's the more sustainable option. 

Your grandfather didn't need plastic to get his close shave, and neither should you! If you're looking for a carefully designed razor that will leave you with a worry-free shave, this is your guy. All at the fraction of the cost of cartridge razors.

This razor was made to fit all standard safety blades, and if you're curious on how to actually use a safety razor: check out this videoWe also want to mention that we offer a 30-day-happiness guarantee on all products. This means, that if get this product and don't like it, we'll give you a full refund with return necessary.

Disposal: Collect the used razor blades in a closable container. Do not just toss them in the trash, as they could harm recycling facility workers.

Note: does not come with stand


Bamboo Switch's most popular product, this entry-level safety razor provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.

About The Brand

Bamboo Switch is a mom and pop shop that believes in helping people "make the switch" to sustainable bamboo products. They also believe that everyone should be able to make a difference, not just more affluent people. They source their bamboo from Vietnam and pay workers a fair and ethical wage.

What's really impressive is that they donate 5% of their profits to Sea Shepard. A organization that protects our oceans.

The Environmental Problem

2 Billion disposable razors are used and thrown away every year according to the EPA.
Plastic razors can't be recycled because they are made with a mix of different plastics and metals, which are hard or impossible to separate.
Every disposable razor ever used has either been burned or still exists somewhere on this Earth. Let's do something about that!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tis good

Seems to be well made and sturdy. It's very easy to add and remove the blade. The grip is comfortable and ergonomic enough. This is awesome especially considering the price.

Sierra Hausthor
Love it!

It’s been a learning curve getting the hang of a safety razor for the first time but I love it!

Melanie Tapia
Great product!

I keep recommending this razor to my friends!


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of this razor, but let me tell you, it works better than any disposable razor I’ve ever used! My legs are still smooth days later and prior to using this razor, I’d have stubble growing back by the end of the day. Not with this razor! It’s very easy to use and change the blades. I didn’t break out with razor bumps. I will be back for Christmas presents for sure! Thank you!


This razor is incredible! It’s so beautiful and has a great weight to it. I’m embarrassed to think of all of those cheap pink plastic razors I’ve used when I could have been using this! I was a little nervous to use it at first, but it’s really easy to use.