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We'll never sell greenwashed or unethical brands

We Donate 2.5% of sales

To nonprofits cleaning up plastic pollution

Sustainable Shipping 

We ship 100% plastic-free & carbon neutral


We've Reviewed 1,400+ products to Curate a Selection of The Most Affordable Eco-Goods

Over the last 3 years, a group of frustrated college students developed a new business model to make eco-goods affordable - without the sacrifices. You can read more about how we're doing it here.


Without Sacrificing on Sustainability

We've reviewed over 400 suppliers. And used our meticulous 12-step-process to uncover if they're really sustainable, or if they're just greenwashing us.


Or... Product Quality

We've asked 232 eco-friendly shoppers what the hardest part about shopping sustainably is. Unknown product quality was a major concern. That's why all of our products go through a rigorous 21-day testing period with 5+ experienced testers.


And We're Making Change.

What we're doing has never been done before. But that's okay, we believe in going against the status quo. If conventional business advice says to go left, we want to go right. We're taking a risk, and we're not stopping for anyone.

Shop By Room

Eco-friendly alternatives for all your household products.

"It's simple, if we can subsidize the costs of sustainable products, we can make the world more sustainable."

Aidan Riehl

- Founder -

What our customers say:

"I'm paying so much less for the same sustainable products I love. Thank you Ecoternatives!"

Fiona Bessinger

A pop-up event customer.
"Aside from the prices, I really like how Ecoternatives is so transparent with their suppliers. I always feel good shopping with them."

Jesse Moonier

One of our first 20 customers

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