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An estimated 5-13 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year and it's expected to triple by 2040Over 70% of that plastic enters our oceans via land, and over 80% of that comes from Asia.

That's why partnered with Better Packaging to ship out our products in mailers made 100% from ocean bound plastic.

Better Packaging works closely with coastal communities in Southeast Asia to alleviate poverty and clean up our oceans. They do this by paying locals to collect plastic that they can make into mailers.

"Pollution and poverty are often inextricably linked – and waste management infrastructure is often non-existent in these communities.

Plastic rubbish is usually littered, burnt, or buried. If instead we can provide an economic incentive for people to pick it up and collect it, we can stop it from entering the ocean." - Better Packaging Co.

One last thing I want to mention is the very low carbon footprint it takes to make these mailers. In fact, it uses 75% less energy to make these, than the same sized mailers made from virgin plastic. Better Packaging also carbon 200% offsets their manufacturing, and plants a tree for each order.


Better Packaging is certified by both Ocean Bound Plastic & Global Recycled Standard. Gauranteeing the origin and traceabaility of the plastic pollution they collect, as well as certifying BP is paying their workers fair wages in proper working conditions, and without child labor.

They are also a climate neutral company and a B-Certified Corporation. 

 Cardboard boxes: we do have a 2-3 products that require more sturdy packaging. In that case we will use recycled cardboard boxes and paper tape.