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"Always environmentalists first, business owners second."

- Aidan Riehl (founder)


Our Mission 💚

This site was built by an ambitious 19 year old with a goal to make sustainability more affordable and attainable for everyone. And help support environmental nonprofits through give back programs.

About us

Aidan Riehl (Founder)

Aidan started Ecoternatives at 19 in Hawai'i, where he's witnessed the first hand effects of plastic pollution & short-sighted corporations his whole life.

From here, he spent almost everyday for 2 years figuring out how to build the world's most affordable ecostore, as he was so frustrated with how expensive current sustainable products were.  

He thought, if ecostores really want to make such a big impact on the world, why are they so often marking up their prices at a premium, just because they know people will pay more for them.

He also wants to help people see that everything we consume has an impact on something, somewhere. Even if they may not see it. 


The group of youths normalizing affordable zero-waste 

Mitchell Hashimoto

Hawai'i Operations

Mitchell's been with Ecoternatives from the early days, when it was still just a local subscription box ordered by close family & friends. Now, Mitchell runs and organizes all local deliveries and outreach campaigns while pursuing a masters in environmental mangagement.


Kennedy-Anne Marx

Social Media Manager

Kennedy is a leader and passionate environmentalist. She's studying sustainability, and climate change, and works part-time for an outdoor education group. She organizes all our FB & IG operations, so when you comment or message us, she'll usually be the one you're talking with!


Audrey Gregg

Social Media Manager

Audrey is a creator that is building a network of likeminded individuals on Tiktok. She's hoping to inspire conscious consumption and collective action through her videos. She's a student majoring in RPTA & pursuing a career in ecotourism.


Connor Lau


Connor is Ecoternative's in house photographer. He strives to utilize his photography expertise and background in environmentalism to give back to the land and the people around him. Connor is currently studying environmental management and entrepreneurship.


Ava Abreu

Content Creator

Ava is from Orlando, Florida, so her and Mickey Mouse are pretty tight; she plans on studying business this fall at the University of Southern California. In high school, she was in the Environmental Action Club, and released a guide on my Instagram about sustainable fashion brands. Working for ecoternatives is important to her because she believes in this mission.


Madi Russ

Content Creator

Madi is from Ohio and hopes to study Early Childhood Education in college. She was raised by two eco-contentious parents who taught her how to reduce my carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the earth. She's also took part of her school’s Climate Club where she worked to protect the environment in our local area. She wanted to work for a company like Ecoternatives because she recognized the positive impact a zero waste store could have on the earth, and wanted to help the company grow so it can reach people across the globe. 


Josie Gonzalez

Content Creator

Josie is currently a film student at the University of Central Florida. Where she plans to focus her major in documentaries. She is very passionate about conservation and climate change. Living in the beautiful state of Florida, she plans to invoke action amongst her community with her films!



Content Creator

Delaney is originally from Kent Island, Maryland but currently lives in East Tennessee, where she studies Interior Architecture in college and planning to get her Masters in Sustainable Design. In the past she's interned for a beach clean up organization, volunteered with gardens on her college campus, and created a Tik Tok page sharing her passion for sustainability. She's  so excited to work for a small company "who actually cares about the consumer and the environment, the world is full of green washing and there’s absolutely none here!"


Our Principles

Make Ecoproducts as afforable as we can while.

We believe that in order for sustainability to be truly mainstream, it has to be competitvely priced to all the eco-unfriendly products. In order to do this, we need to charge less for our products, and in turn make less money. 

To Always Be Environmentalists First

Our entire team has a thorough environmental background. Whenever we're coming up with a new business idea or product we will always ask ourselves first: "What choice would the Earth make?", and never: "What will make us the most $". We will never promote greenwashed products, and will always use the best practices behind closed doors.

To Provide Value Through Education

We believe one of the best ways to create change is to educate ourself and others. This is why we try to educate our customers and audience through our product descriptions.

To Build A Community

we're not unwavering business owners, but your partners in creating a more sustainable and just world. As we grow, we hope to create programs that will build a strong Ecoternatives community. We love to get to know our customers, and we love when our customers get to know us!

To Create an Outstanding Experience

We wouldn't be where we are without amazing humans like you. To say thank you we do what we can to deliver happiness, surprise customers with free products, and provide as much value as we can.