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Amazing Peppermint Mouthwash Concentrate

Amazing Peppermint Mouthwash Concentrate

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Our research team has spent FOREVER looking for an eco-friendly mouthwash that we actually liked. And we're so happy to finally find that product. 

Canary Co has formulated a potent concentrate that actually works to freshen your breath and upkeep your oral health. Their concentrate reduces shipping waste, and increases energy efficiency, by not shipping extra water weight around the world.

This formula, once mixed with 16oz of fresh water, tastes absolutely great, and leaves your breath kissably-fresh. 

Made in the USA with artificial sweeteners or colors.

Note: Canary also sells a reusable 16oz glass mixing bottle, but we do not currently sell that product. We know you have a bottle laying around somewhere!


Organic Aloe Vera Juice
Natural Mint Flavors
Polysorbate 20
Stevia Leaf Extract
Sodium Benzoate
Glucono Lactone

About The Brand

The team at Canary decided it was no longer acceptable to stand by & watch the trash build up around the Earth. Oceans are full of islands of plastic trash & less than 5% of plastic is actually recycled! They decided it was time to clean up.

Canary was born out of a desire to make the purge of plastics fun, accessible & unexpected with conscious personal & home care products that kick ass. They take an unconventional approach to inspire consumers to think twice about the products we bring home. Let’s have some fun while we purge plastic and level up what’s in our bathroom and home. Part of 1% for the planet.
Canary donates a portion of their profits to environmental nonprofits.

The Environmental Problem

New Product! Description to be added soon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Just Amazing!

I have tried mouthwash tabs to try to cut down on plastic, but they just didn't cut it for me. This concentrate is great though. It leaves my mouth feeling very clean and tingly. I love the taste and I think it works well to freshen breath.

Works well

This is honestly the nicest mouthwash I've used in a long time! I like that's not overbearing and doesn't burn your mouth, but still leaves my breath smelling good all day!


Love that it’s in glass so you can reuse the bottle for anything — easy to use!

Ben Rowlen

I have been reducing plastic in my life where I could. For some reason, mouthwash is hard to find plastic-free! I tried several options, didn't like the taste of several, and settled on Canary as my favorite option.

There's no plastic at all - a glass bottle of concentrate with a metal lid. Both are great choices for the environment.

The flavor is great. Minty and fresh without hurting me. I fill up a glass bottle with a pour spout with Canary and filtered water, then pour it into my mouth as needed. I also pour some of the diluted mouthwash into my water flosser, which helps to keep the Nursing Home Breath at bay.

Brian White
Packs a punch

This mouthwash is like a spa day for your mouth. a quick rinse makes you feel fresh and ready to take on the world. I like that I decide how powerful the taste is and it makes it easy to incorporate into my routine with no wasted bottles or clutter in my bathroom.