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4.5oz Handmade Fair Trade & Organic Bar Soap

4.5oz Handmade Fair Trade & Organic Bar Soap

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When we couldn't find an affordable bar soap that met all our environmental and social concerns, we decided to work with a supplier to make our own.

And now it's the best soap you can find. Especially for $4.95.


Well, almost any bar soap you'll find today is made with:
1) Inorganic vegetable oils: which means that chemical pesticides are used on the crops which contaminates our soils, waters, air, animals, and is linked to cancer in workers.

2) Non fair trade ingredients: There is an incredible amount of human exploitation, and even slavery in the vegetable oil trade. Being fair trade means that our workers are being treated and paid fairly.

3) Synthetic surfactants, fragrances, and dyes: Which are concerning for our health, cancer risk, and waterways (when the ingredients are washed down the drain).

4) Uncertified palm oil: which is in almost every soap and is responsible for the clearing and burning 300 football fields worth of the world's most dense and biodiverse forests every hour.

5) And more problems: like animal testing, overseas production, and irresponsible manufacturing practices.

This bar soap is:

Made with only the most sustainable ingredients, and sold at a price you can't find anywhere else! It's also made using cold processing. A bit slower of a process, but one that is more energy efficient, and creates a soap with a more silky and sudsy lather. 

Scented with only natural ingredients; that means no lab made chemicals.


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Customer Reviews

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This is the least expensive, clean ingredient/low waste soap I’ve found, and I will be buying again! This soap has it all with a good lather, it doesn’t just melt away, and the scent is strong enough to linger on your skin. It smells so refreshing!