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Shower Loofah

Shower Loofah

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If you're looking for cleaner & healthier skin, consider using a natural shower loofah. It's a very popular product in the zero waste space used to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

It's amazing that these natural sponges exist. Instead of plastic, these are made from  the dried loofah plant, a cousin to cucumbers. You can see in the last photo, what the plant itself looks like. 

How long do they last for? Natural loofahs can last for months without a noticeable difference. Some people even throw them in the washing machine, or boil them every few weeks to keep them lasting longer.


100% Dried Loofah Plant

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nicole Joyce
Exactly what I needed

This Loofah is worth it! I appreciate the quality of the material and can tell it will last long. It absorbs water and soap well. It also has the right balance of softness for light scrubbing and firmness for tougher scrubbing.

Lara Frank
Annual Gift

Love these loofahs so much they were what I chose for my annual "favourite things" gift exchange with friends. They last a long time never smell funky, and are super easy to compost.

Grace Evans
Reliable and Durable

I use the loofah sponges all over my home; shower, dishes, cleaning. I really like them, I think the fact that they are actual loofah sponges as opposed to whatever those other ones in store are made of makes them much more durable A pack has lasted me quite while now. They don't get stinky as quickly as the 'traditional' sponges. Generally, I really like them and will continue to buy them

Yasmine Ali
Better than Plastic

I bought this a week ago and I couldn't be happier with it! Definitely never buying another plastic loofa again. It gets soft after running under water and helps the suds gets even more bubblier when I use bar soap. My favourite aspect is that it is completely sustainable and compostable at the end of its life.

Kathryn Carson
The Best!

The loofah does a wonderful job on exfoliating my skin while also being soft on my skin!