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Little Otter

Little Otter Organic Lip Balm

Little Otter Organic Lip Balm

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Your new favorite lip balm. Without the Litter.

Little Otter Lip Balm is one of our favorite products here at Ecoternatives. Not only because of how great the lip balm really is, but because Little Otter truly is such a good company.

The small family that runs it makes each lip balm by hand, with only four simple organic ingredients. Ingredients packed with more vitamins and fatty acids than conventional lip balms.

Protect, moisturize, and heal your lips without the waxy, greasy, or too strong of a flavor feeling.

Little Otter also donates 10% of their net revenue to funding clean water projects, and truly understand the importance of zero waste.

Conventional lip balms are made of the same ingredients that forms plastic. They contain synthetic waxes, and petroleum-derived ingredients. So let's just say that licking your lips should probably be taken with caution.


Cocos nucifera, organic coconut oil
Cera alba, beeswax (cire d'abeille)
Mentha piperita, organic peppermint oil
Rosmarinus officinalis, organic rosemary oil

About The Brand

Little Otter lip balms are made by hand in Atlanta, Georgia. 10% of their net revenue goes directly to non-profits doing clean water work. And let me tell you as the founder of Ecoternatives, that is a lot of money for a small business! Way to go Little Otter Team.

The Environmental Problem

Conventional lip balms are made of the same ingredients that forms plastic. They contain synthetic waxes, and petroleum-derived ingredients. So let's just say that licking your lips should probably be taken with caution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Esmeralda Sanchez
Little goes a long way!

When I first saw this lip balm, I was initially disappointed because it was super short compared to my other lip balms, so I thought it had very little product. However, upon reading the labels, it turns out it actually has more product than all of them!! I was pleasantly surprised. I guess this is because this lip balm’s circumference is much larger than the others. Anyways, I’ve tried this lip balm three times today and it moisturized my lips well each time!! I only felt like reapplying it after eating, which is normal for me. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the cooling effect of the peppermint, but upon the second and third application, it grew on me. It also smells really good, like a candy cane. I like that it only has four ingredients, as I can definitely feel the benefits of each one. It comes packaged in a cardboard container, which is very eco friendly. No need for all that plastic! I already got some oil stains on mine due to the oils in the lip balm haha. Now, on to the small cons. The reason I took off a star was mostly because of the construction issue with the packaging. When I first opened it, the lip balm was not near the top at all, so I had to find a way to push it up. At first I twisted the it like I normally would with a regular lip balm, but that didn’t work, so I tried another method which was to simply push it up from the bottom. Because the fit of the cardboard was kind of tight, I ended up accidentally pushing the entire bottom and lip balm out of the tube. I scrambled to put it back in, and while most of it was saved, some got all over my fingers and the tube itself, hence why there’s oil stains on it. Also, with plastic lip balms, you can usually feel when the cap “clicks” in place, so it doesn’t fall out. However, with this one, you have to be careful to not hold it by the cap, but by the bottom, as it slides out rather easily. All in all, for the price and the quality, I think it is definitely worth getting this lip balm, especially if you’re trying to be eco friendly (ecoternatives had completely plastic free packaging!!). I will definitely re-buy after it runs out.


I love this chapstick, low ingredient list and smells so nice, peppermint without the weird residue some other chapsticks have

Paige Brown
So awesome!

So I have really dry lips to the point they crack and bleed and nothing has ever worked on them until this little guy! It made my lips feel so soft and that softness lasted. I didn’t feel like I had to reapply every 15 minutes. The peppermint gave my lips such a nice cooling sensation. I usually don’t like the way chapstick feels on my lips but this applies so smooth and doesn’t feel sticky like some chap sticks. I love love love that this product is zero waste too! I’ll probably buy more for little gift baskets!

Love the natural cooling effect

The 100% cardboard packaging is absolutely a plus and it's so cute! I love that it's all-natural and still gets the job done while both smelling and feeling luxurious!

Will definitely buy again

Amazing lip balm. Fresh minty flavor and feels great on your lips. Soft and it doesn't seem to dry my lips out 30 minutes after I use it like other balms

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