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Biodegradable Bamboo Hair Brush

Biodegradable Bamboo Hair Brush

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A biodegradable hairbrush made with natural rubber and smooth bamboo bristles. A great material for brushes because unlike static or metal, it doesn't produce any static.

Handmade with high quality ingredients and craftsmanship which will last you just as long, if not longer than that plastic brush.

11" x 4" x 2"


Bamboo, natural rubber.

About The Brand

BeNat was started by a mom who wanted to be her best for her 3 kids and leave the world a better place for them. Her goal is to raise awareness of the importance of using sustainable products in our day to day life at a time when we are overwhelmed with commercial products packed with chemicals and everlasting plastic.

The Environmental Problem

Many hair brushes are made from a combination of plastic and synthetic materials. The production of these materials requires the extraction of fossil fuels and energy-intensive manufacturing processes. This contributes to carbon emissions, resource depletion, and pollution.
This brush comes in no packaging to reduce waste and costs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
K Willett
Why isn't everyone using this?

I don't usually write a lot of reviews but I'm so excited about this floss I had to take the time. Who gets excited about dental floss?! I know. Crazy. After reading about the scary chemicals that are in most brands of floss out there I've been hunting around for a replacement. Tried Tom's but it's so thick it's almost unusable (and the plastic - yuck). I bought a container of both this and the Wowe silk floss. Both are pleasant and easy to use. Even easier than the floss my dentist sends me home with that has all the chemicals in it. It doesn't break between my teeth, even the teeth that are kind of tight together.

The reason I'm going to be sticking with this is that black colored floss makes it so easy to see all that ick that's on your teeth. Why someone hasn't thought of this before, I'm not sure. It's definitely motivating me to floss more. The only down side of this floss is that I'm a bit clumsy so I'm a little worried about breaking the glass bottle, but I love this floss so much I'm going to keep buying it.

Even if I wasn't worried about floss that's biodegradable, I'd still think that this is my favorite dental floss.

Doesn't look the same

The hairbrush isn't a square, but is rounded. It is a good brush and i love it but i wish it was bigger

Great Brush

It's well made and comfortable to hold and easy on the scalp. I have fine, curly hair that really likes to tangle but this brush does a good gentle detangle.


Good brush that detangles well without tearing the hair.
The pins massage the scalp at the same time: very pleasant.