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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch Soap Rest

Bamboo Switch Soap Rest

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Refresh your bathroom look with this natural and elegant bamboo soap rest. Lifts are necessary to make sure your soaps last longer and that no mess is left behind as your soap dries.

4.25" (Length) x 3.5" (Width) x 1" (Height)


100% biodegradable

About The Brand

Bamboo Switch is a mom and pop shop that believes in helping people "make the switch" to sustainable bamboo products. They also believe that everyone should be able to make a difference, not just more affluent people. They source their bamboo from Vietnam and pay workers a fair and ethical wage.

What's really impressive is that they donate 5% of their profits to Sea Shepard. A organization that protects our oceans.

The Environmental Problem

Traditional soap dishes are often made of plastic or are packaged in non-recyclable materials, which end up in landfills, take hundreds of years to decompose, and release harmful toxins into the environment. Additionally, the production of these plastic items requires significant amounts of energy and resources, contributing to CO2 emissions and climate change.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Esmeralda Sanchez
Works well!!

It looks very nice and holds my soap well! Dries quickly. I see no faults with it so far :). It came in eco-friendly packaging as well with no plastic!

Alyssa Reese

Great quality, especially for such an affordable price!


Works great along with the solid dish soap!! And extremely affordable. 10/10