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6 Count - Cellulose Sponge + Coconut Scouring Pad

6 Count - Cellulose Sponge + Coconut Scouring Pad

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Did you know that most kitchen sponges are made from plastics and acrylics that shed micro-plastics into our water ways and ocean? 

These sponges are made of 100% natural vegetable cellulose, unlike the plastic and pesticide ridden sponges that traditionally fill supermarkets. Don't let this fool you though, as they're durable and last just as long as conventional sponges. 

Because they're shipped dehydrated, they significantly reduce packaging waste and transportation emissions. After their lifecycle they can also be fully composted instead of having to be incinerated or buried underground. 


    Coconut Husk, Cellulose (natural wood pulp)

    About The Brand

    Ecoternatives is the vendor of these sponges. Ecoternatives sells the worlds most affordable eco-products while still maintaining very strict social and environmental criterion of what they source.

    The Environmental Problem

    The Environmental Problem

    Traditional green and yellow plastic sponges are made with toxic chemicals and pesticides such as triclosan, which causes health issues and destroys fragile ecosystems.
    Unfortunately, water treatment systems can’t remove it so they persist for very long periods of time in our environment.

    In addition to this, plastic microfibers regularly fray from sponges and enter into our oceans and water systems. More than you would think, it’s one of the reasons humans consume a credit card worth of plastic every wee
    Conventional sponges are also just made out of plastic, meaning they’re petroleum based.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Super cool

    These clean surprisingly well. My boyfriend is super particular with his dish sponges and did not like the loofah ones I had. These meet his approval (thank goodness, my search is over!). I like that it holds dish soap well. I also purchased the wooden pot cleaner since these sponges do not have a scratch pad. So, if I need to scrub anything a little more, I use the pot cleaner and finish with the sponge. I also was like a child when I got the sponge wet for the first time and it expanded.
    Highly recommend and will purchase in the future. I currently do not compost so cannot comment on that.

    Audrey Gregg
    Love these sponges!

    These are so awesome, I love how they expand and I am able to compost them after using.

    Better than TJ's

    Such a reliable company! This sponge keeps foam long lasting, clean effectively and no odor left. Compare to TJ’s sponge, this sponge is much much better!!
    It makes my kitchen clean and fresh.

    Anthony Sciver
    Wish I stopped using plastic sponges sooner

    Plastic is everywhere! I never even thought about my sponges being bad for the planet and ocean before jeez. Glad I switched over to these. I recommend. They're honestly just as good as any other sponge you could get

    noel levy
    Large. good.

    Crikey, this sponge is pretty huge once you expand it with water. It’s hard to tell that this is plant based product. It feels like any other sponges and is super absorbent. It dries quite quickly after use. Whether this last depends on how well you clean it afterwards and whether it breaks down in structure. Too early to tell. I hope this is plant base as it will help Mother Earth so much.