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14 Applicator Free Organic Cotton Tampons

14 Applicator Free Organic Cotton Tampons

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We discard 7 billion menstrual products in the US every single year. It's one of the reasons they're the fifth most common plastic waste product found in the ocean.

It's no good for our bodies either, as conventional tampons often contain chemicals like dioxin, chlorine, and rayon. A recent study even found that 85% of brands contain Monstanto's ' cancer-causing' glyphosate pesticide in it.

This is unacceptable, and Dame knows it.

Dame is the award-winning period care company celebrated for their innovation in sustainable menstrual care. If you're in need of sustainable tampons that actually work, consider Dame.

Their organic cotton tampons are carefully designed to provide a worry-free experience, especially for those unfamiliar with applicator-free tampons. After the switch, many customers have even reported their periods becoming lighter, shorter, and less painful within 60 days. It might be thanks to the exclusion of any traces of toxins, carcinogens, pesticides, coloring, and plastic in their products. Even the tampon wrappers are made from plant cellulose!

Everyone in Europe is already using applicator free tampons, why not try them out? If you don't like them, let us know and we'll give you your money back as part of our store-wide happiness guarantee. DAME also donates regularly to charities tackling period poverty, and is a B-Certified Corporation. Meaning they legally oblige themselves to upholding strict environmental social standards.


GOTS Organic Cotton

About The Brand

Dame is a pioneer in sustainable feminine care, known for revolutionizing the industry with reusable and eco-friendly products. Dedicated to minimizing waste and promoting women's health.

Dame donates regularly to organizations like Bloody Good Period, Rethink Periods, and WEN's Environmenstrual Ambassador.

Dame also offsets twice as much carbon as they emit, thanks to their incredible focus of reducing their C02 impact.

Lastly, Dame is a certified B-Corp. Meaning they legally oblige themselves to follow strict sustainability and social ethic criteria.

The Environmental Problem

1) Discarded menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic waste product found in the ocean. We discard 7 Billion annually in the United States alone.

2) 85% of tampons contain Monstanto's 'cancer causing' glyphosate pesticide in it.

3) Since cotton is an extremely pesticide heavy crop, it rapidly destroys our vital top soils, and pollutes our water systems.

4) Many tampons contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. These chemicals can leach into our groundwater and air as they sit in the landfill.

5) Inorganic cotton is extremely water intensive, requiring 3 quarts of water to grow just one small cotton bud.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kristine T.
Works well

It works as expected I love they are biodegradable and healthier for me

Lucinda Suarez
Love this brand

What I love the most is that they are plastic free and compostable, I feel like I'm looking after myself and the planet which feels great. I've had Shorter periods too, which has been nice. I'm usually incapacitated with severe cramps the first day of my period for the last 4 years but when I switched to Dame my cramping seems less, and it makes me want to cry with happiness.

Francisca W.
No Irritations

I love the dame tampons so much! I found with my previous ones they sometimes irritated me but I haven’t had that issue since switching to dame. I'll never switch from these ones

Tamra Doyle
Absolutely Brilliant

I find your applicator easy to use, just like a disposable but better as it never gets thrown away! Also strangely, I noticed that since changing to your organic tampons my periods are shorter, hooray!

Kim Owens
Game Changer

⁦I rarely rate anything, but these Tampons blew me away. They've made my periods so much easier and less painful. Very comfortable, easy to insert and also no leaks at all. The best tampons I've ever used! Never going back to the mainstream ones you buy from the drugstore.⁩