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Why We're Here

This plastic issue is more than just a "tree-hugger" problem
One Million Plastic Bottles Are Purchased Every Minute
It’s one of the reasons 14% of our total oil supply goes to making plastic.
Less Than 9% Of Plastic Gets Recycled
And unlike aluminum and glass, plastic can only be recycled once or twice while taking twice the energy to do so.
We’re Shipping Our Plastic To Poor Countries  
In 2018, the US shipped 429 shipping containers filled with plastic and trash to underdeveloped countries every day. Creating toxic environment for imporvrished locals.
Plastic Kills Millions of Sea Animals + our Coral Reefs
Coral reefs are alive! When plastic comes into contact with reef, the likelihood of it contracting a disease goes from 4% to 89%. 

Reefs support our entire ocean ecosystem, yet 90% of them are predicted to be dead within 20yrs.
There Are Up To 500x More Microplastics In The Ocean Than Stars In Our Milky Way.
Plus, as they break down in sunlight they rapidly leach toxins into the water. 
Plastic Production Heavily Pollutes Our Air 
Plastic production releases  contaminants into the air. These chemicals cause asthma, endocrine disruption, reduced fertility, and cancer.

 They also get absorbed by our water systems, producing acid rain, destroying soils, and polluting water.
As Plastics Break Down They Release Toxic Chemicals Into Our Air & Water 
Landfills are the third largest methane producers generated by human activity. They also produce toxic chemicals which leach into our groundwater and flows downstream into lakes and rivers. 
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This graphic below shows the 1.3 billion plastic (water) bottles being purchased every day. 

Where in the world does it all go? Watch the full simulation here