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Bamboo Switch

Strong Bamboo Floss

Strong Bamboo Floss

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A perfect plastic & nylon free alternative that doesn't fray or snap. Coated with Natural Plant Derived Candelilla Wax so it glides nicely between your teeth. When it comes to eco-friendly floss, the team at Ecoternatives have tried a lot. Get your plastic free floss today, infused with charcoal and natural mint flavor.

Lets create a demand for sustainable manufacturing with your purchase.


Bamboo, glass, aluminum.

About The Brand

Bamboo Switch is a mom and pop shop that believes in helping people "make the switch" to sustainable bamboo products. They also believe that everyone should be able to make a difference, not just more affluent people. They source their bamboo from Vietnam and pay workers a fair and ethical wage.

What's really impressive is that they donate 5% of their profits to Sea Shepard. A organization that protects our oceans.

The Environmental Problem

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), "For every person in the US who flosses their teeth, just the empty floss dispensers would fill a football field 6 stories high every year."

A Harvard study also found that many conventional dental flosses contain flourine, which indicates the presences of PFA's. Currently, health effects associated with PFAS include cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased risk of asthma, and thyroid disease. Chemicals in this class are found in nonstick pans, waterproof jackets, fire extinguisher foam, and more.

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Customer Reviews

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Larry Hill
Plastic free and refillable

What's not to love? I've started flossing again with a lot less guilt. My teeth and the environment are much better off now.