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Strong Bamboo Floss & Refills

Strong Bamboo Floss & Refills

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When it comes to eco-friendly floss, the team at Ecoternatives have tried a lot. That means floss made form corn, recycled plastic, ashima silk, and bamboo. The material we always come back to is bamboo. It's often the most sustainable, and it's very strong.

Instead of being coated with PFAS, our floss is coated with a plant-derived candelilla wax to help it glide between your teeth. PFAS are known as a "forever chemical" that has been linked to liver damage, harm to the immune system, developmental issues, and even cancer. However, for some reason, it's still legal in floss.

This 98ft spool is also infused with natural mint oils to enhance it's taste.


Bamboo, glass, aluminum.

About The Brand

Ecoternatives is the vendor of these brushes. We sell the worlds most affordable eco-products without sacrificing on quality or ethics. That means doing A LOT of back end research and testing on products and suppliers so you don't have to.

We use our profits to further reduce the prices of sustainable products, offset carbon emissions, and donating to our nonprofit partner removing plastic and other waste from the ocean.

The Environmental Problem

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), for every person in the US who flosses their teeth, just the empty floss dispensers would fill a football field 6 stories high every year.

A Harvard study also found that many conventional dental flosses contain flourine, which indicates the presences of PFA's.

Health effects associated with PFA's include cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased risk of asthma, and thyroid disease.

Chemicals in this class are found in nonstick pans, waterproof jackets, fire extinguisher foam, and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rosella Watson
Good Floss

Nothing life changing because it's just a floss, but I love using it knowing I'm reducing my plastic waste! One time I lost the end back in the glass and panicked a bit but the lid screws off easily so you can re-thread it if that ever happens. My favorite part is that it makes a cool pattern as it's used up :)
Just ordered more refills.

Very Sturdy Floss

I have permanent retainers, and normal floss always starts to get stringy and pulled apart when I floss. This stuff doesn’t do that! It’s super sturdy, and stays in one strand through the whole flossing process.

Jennifer Sullivan
Small and perfect for purse!

I'm a flosser - I'm one of those people who doesn't have to lie to her dentist at my check-up because I floss regularly. I keep a container in my purse at all times and really appreciate how small and sturdy this is. One of my annoyances with most plastic floss containers is the way it will sometimes flip open and the floss ends up dirty, and potentially all through my purse. I haven't run into that issue with this, as it is secure.

Elsie Davids
Zero Waste

This is a nice little dental floss kit. It comes ready to use in a little glass vial. It's easy to carry with you in a purse or a bag. The clear glass vial makes it easy to see when you are running low which is nice since I am usually surprised when I run out of the brand I used to use.
The floss works well, gliding easily between your teeth.
I like the zero-waste aspect of using something that is refillable rather than disposable.

Great Product

This is my first time trying a floss made from bamboo fiber and I really like it. The floss is very durable and doesn't break. I like the small glass container that holds the floss. It's small enough to be portable and would be great for travel or on the go. There are benefits of using bamboo charcoal floss, which is a great bonus.