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Dame Reusable Period Pads

Dame Reusable Period Pads

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Dame is the award-winning period care company celebrated for their innovation in sustainable menstrual care. So, if you're in need of period pad that actually works, consider Dame.

One of their most popular products is their reusable period pads, which incorporates their patented DAMEdry™ technology, and five layers of fabric to provide leak-proof protection.

This includes moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry, high performance organic cotton that can absorb 20x it's weight in just a few seconds, and antimicrobial ions to inhibit bacterial growth and odors. All without using any toxic chemicals or finishes. In fact, every component from the fabric to trim has been tested for harmful substances.

Dame currently offers three options: light (equal to 1 tampon), regular (equal to 2 tampons), and heavy (equal to 4 tampons). 

To use, just place the pad in your underwear with the black side up, secure the wings, and enjoy peace of mind for 6-8 hours. After it's use, rinse the pad in cold water or add it to a dark laundry load for machine washing. Line drying is recommended over tumble drying, and there's no need for bleach or fabric softener. 

DAME also donates regularly to charities tackling period poverty, and is a B-Certified Corporation. Meaning they legally oblige themselves to upholding strict environmental & social standards.

If you have any other questions, you can reach us at any time, or check out DAME's reusable pad FAQ Page. They come in sets of 1.


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About The Brand

Dame is a pioneer in sustainable feminine care, known for revolutionizing the industry with reusable and eco-friendly products. Dedicated to minimizing waste and promoting women's health.

Dame donates regularly to organizations like Bloody Good Period, Rethink Periods, and WEN's Environmenstrual Ambassador.

Dame also offsets twice as much carbon as they emit, thanks to their incredible focus of reducing their C02 impact.

Lastly, Dame is a certified B-Corp. Meaning they legally oblige themselves to follow strict sustainability and social ethic criteria.

The Environmental Problem

1) Discarded menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic waste product found in the ocean, and we discard 12 billion pads annually in the US alone.

2) 85% of sanitary pads contain Monstanto's 'cancer causing' glyphosate pesticide in it.

3) Since inorganic cotton is an extremely pesticide heavy crop, it rapidly destroys our vital top soils, and pollutes our water systems.

4) Many pads contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. These chemicals can leach into our groundwater and air as they sit in the landfill.

5) Inorganic cotton is extremely water intensive, requiring 3 quarts of water to grow just one small cotton bud.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I love these. I was afraid traveling would be a problem, but it’s so easy to wash and let them dry. I never have to run to the nearest store to pick up pads and then wastefully dispose of them. I have so much shelf space now that I have these reusable pads. I would maybe recommend to offer a product that discreetly hangs them or dries them so I don’t have a pad awkwardly hanging in the air to dry.

Tamara Downs

It takes up less space when I travel and it's so easy to wash and reuse without any waste!

I love it

A lot more compact than the previous reusable pads I was wearing. Also softer and a more natural absorbent feel


The pads are very comfortable and super absorbent! They are a great alternative to typical pads and they are very easy to clean too! I would recommend buying multiple though because line drying them does take quite a while.

Francisca Walter

I've found the pads to be very comfortable. They're no more bulky than disposable towels, in fact, the period pads are actually slimmer than my usual disposables. I don't get the same hot, sweaty feeling and bad odors as you can get with plastic-based disposables after long-distance walking. Best of all - no adhesive to stick to your pubic hair when the disposable liner starts to move and curl in your underwear.