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Dame Reusable Period Pads

Dame Reusable Period Pads

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From light (1 tampon equivalent) to regular (2 tampons equivalent) to heavy (4 tampons equivalent). The design includes a moisture-wicking top layer, a leak-proof lining, and features antimicrobial technology for odor control.

Easy to use, simply place the pad in your underwear, black side up, secure with the wings, and experience comfort for 6-8 hours.

After use, rinse, wash, and line dry. Say goodbye to disposable pads and tampons and embrace a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative without compromising on comfort or protection.


Designed with five layers that work together to provide complete period protection. These layers include a top layer that efficiently wicks away moisture and a waterproof lining that prevents leaks. The pads also incorporate antimicrobial technology which uses non-nano recycled silver, a sustainable odour control solution. They are free from harmful substances and allergens, making them safe for use. The products do not require bleach, fabric softener, or tumble drying, further reducing their environmental impact.

About The Brand

DAME is a pioneer in sustainable feminine care, known for revolutionizing the industry with reusable and eco-friendly products. Dedicated to minimizing waste and promoting women's health, DAME blends functionality, design, and sustainability for a greener, healthier period.

The Environmental Problem

Traditional period products, such as pads and tampons, generate a significant amount of waste that negatively impacts our environment. This waste not only contributes to landfill, but also often ends up in our oceans and waterways. In addition, the production process of these products involves the use of vast amounts of water and non-renewable resources. By offering reusable period products, DAME is addressing this crucial environmental problem and providing an effective and comfortable alternative.

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Customer Reviews

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Reusable Period Pad - Subscription Night

I love these. I was afraid traveling would be a problem, but it’s so easy to wash and let them dry. I never have to run to the nearest store to pick up pads and then wastefully dispose of them. I have so much shelf space now that I have these reusable pads. I would maybe recommend to offer a product that discreetly hangs them or dries them so I don’t have a pad awkwardly hanging in the air to dry.

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