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12pc Organic Reusable Paper Towels

12pc Organic Reusable Paper Towels

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Did you know that over 51,000 trees, and 356 million gallons of water, are required every single day to feed our paper towel addiction?

And that's just in the US alone.. It's time for a change.

Introducing our 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton reusable paper towels. For your messes, spills, and every day cleanups. Just throw them in the wash on laundry day, and use them over and over again. No more wasting money, trees, and methane emissions on single use paper towels!

ZWS was founded by young conservationist Sarah 

Cieslinski. As a passionate environmentalist, she started selling shampoo bars as a way of spreading the word that we have options, and it soon gave birth to what is now the very popular Zero Waste Store


Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton flannel. The fabric is colored using low-impact dyes, ensuring they're as gentle on the environment as they are on your hands.

About The Brand

ZWS was founded by young conservationist Sarah Cieslinski. As a passionate environmentalist, she started selling shampoo bars as a way of spreading the word that we have options, and it soon gave birth to what is now the very popular Zero Waste Store.

The Environmental Problem

Over 51,000 trees, and 356 Million gallons of water are required every single day to feed our paper towel addiction. That's just in the US alone... It's time for a change.

Aside from it's production, they add ~3,000 tons of weight annually to landfills, where it produces methane as it breaks down. Which is greenhouse gas estimated to be about 30x worse than C02 in it's contribution to climate change.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ari Griffin
We love using our Reusuable Earth Tones Towels!

I have a roll in the kitchen and one in the bathroom by the sink. We use the heck out of them! In the kitchen we grab one for drying hands, cleaning up spills, cleaning countertops, in place of napkins, I've washed dishes with them, light dusting, drying off my dogs wet paws on rainy days, cleaned my kitchen windows over the sink. In the bathroom it's kinda more of the same with drying hands and my guests think its pretty cool that they get to dry their hands on a fresh cloth each time plus the roll is so colourful with the Earth Tones. I keep a mesh cotton bag hanging on a command hook near by to put the used towels in so I can just throw them in the washer when I have a wash load ready. The mesh bag allows for air to flow through it. We hardly use paper towels anymore unless it's for example, like something gross that you'd want or have to throw away. I can already tell these will last us a long time because I have washed them a lot already since we use them so much and they still look great, the stitching is good, and they have not lost any colour.

Kieran Webster

Purchased these as a Christmas gift for my sister after I've had mine for over three years now. It’s such a simple swap to be more eco friendly in the home and in the end saves so much money! Obsessed with them is an understatement.

Zayn Navarro
The best alternative to paper towels

I used to use a roll of paper towels once a week …now I only use a roll once a month, sometimes longer! I use these paperless towels for everything to wiping my stove and kitchen counter to cleaning my pets litter box and accessories!

Lucinda Suarez
Great substitute for paper towels

I use these every single day! I mostly use them for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom counters. When they get dirty I just rinse them under hot water and then ring them out and let them air dry. This system works really well for me. Once I notice that they are dirty enough to need a wash that’s what I do : )

Lizzy Howell
Zero Guilt Utility

These have surprisingly great absorption. Amazing everyday use and after washing/drying it’s nice to zone out for a bit while you re-roll them for reuse. The only downside is if you dry them for too long they will shrink a bit.