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Zero Waste Bottle Brush

Zero Waste Bottle Brush

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A natural bottle brush perfect for bottles and jars where your hand is too big to fit. Made from coconut husk, and natural beech wood.

Lasts just as long as the plastic alternative!

11.8 inches (long enough to clean out the standard hydro flask)

Zero Waste Club plants a tree for every item you purchase.

Sustainably Made in China

About ZWC 

So far, ZWC has planted 300,000+ trees, and offset 300,000+ plastic products. Their mission is to make zero waste living available in all corners of the world.

They're also very transparent with the fair wages they pay their workers. Under each product on their website they show the exact amount their workers make. 


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The Environmental Problem

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Doesn’t fit into smaller openings

Linsday Collins
Best Purchase

When I got this weird shaped bottle brush, I thought how is this thing going to work? Will it really clean? This bottle brush is waaaay better than my plastic non recyclable bottle brush that I used to use. It doesn't cause all that "splash back" I'd get from the plastic brush. It cleans better too! I have one I use for our glasses, cups, etc. and I have one that I use to clean out the steel dog food cans and other cans for recycling. I can clean around the edges of the cans and not get splattered with nastiness like I did every time with the plastic bottle brush I used to use. This bottle brush is recyclable and compostable. I spray this brush pretty good with vinegar to kill germs and bacteria and so it will not rot or smell like rot, and then after 10 mins I rinse the brush, shake off water and hang to dry on one of my little command hooks.

Karol K.
Monkey tail brush

My husband has used the brush and he loves it to clean his ball canning jars and other jars that we use consistently in the kitchen. He refers to it as his monkey tail brush because of its shape and he loves it because it doesn't have any plastic parts.

Yasmine Ali
Finally a good way to clean my bottles

I've been looking for a way to clean out my reusable bottles - until now I've just added soap and shaken them up, hoping that was enough. Having this brush option puts my mind at ease that my bottles are being fully cleaned and sanitized. They're easy to adjust too! Gets in all the crevices perfectly.

Francisca W.
Awesome bottle brush

Great quality, also great from the environment! I use it to clean all my mugs, flower vases, and Chemex! It works awesome, and never smells!! When wet, I put it outside in the sun to dry for about 30 min, and its ready to use! I love this scrubber, can't recommend it enough!