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Organic Brushed Cotton Unpaper Towels

Organic Brushed Cotton Unpaper Towels

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Did you know that over 51,000 trees, and 356 Million gallons of water are required every single day to feed our paper towel addiction? That's just in the US alone... It's time for a change.

Introducing our 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton reusable paper towels. For your messes, spills, and every day cleanups. Just throw them in the wash on laundry day to use them over and over again. No more wasting money, trees, and methane emissions on single use paper towels!

The difference between these unpaper towels and the ZWS unpaper towels that we also sell, is that these are thicker and brushed. Acting more as a conventional towel than a paper towel. 


Our Organic Brushed Cotton Unpaper Towels are made solely from organic cotton that's not just natural but also robust and pleasantly soft to the touch. Handmade in Ontario, Canada, these towels are designed to be durable and functional, embodying our ethos of quality and sustainability.

About The Brand

Cheeks Ahoy is an eco-conscious brand established by Leah Black, born out of a quest for a sustainable alternative to disposable wipes. The brand has grown from its humble beginnings, now offering a range of handmade, zero-waste household essentials, proudly crafted in Peterborough, Ontario.

We at Ecoternatives proudly stock Cheeks Ahoy products, which include everything from reusable baby wipes to facial rounds and unpaper towels, all made using natural fabrics. Cheeks Ahoy aligns with our mission of promoting a sustainable lifestyle, encouraging us all to reduce waste and rethink our consumption habits.

The Environmental Problem

Over 51,000 trees, and 356 Million gallons of water are required every single day to feed our paper towel addiction. That's just in the US alone... It's time for a change.

Aside from it's production, they add ~3,000 tons of weight annually to landfills, where it produces methane as it breaks down. Which is greenhouse gas estimated to be about 30x worse than C02 in it's contribution to climate change.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Macy Garcia
Husband Approved

It's a process getting my husband to switch over to reusables, but he really likes these! It helps to be conveniently rolled and can just be grabbed like a paper towel roll. We keep a bin under our kitchen sink to throw the dirty ones in for the wash. :)

Sylvia D.
Helps Reduce Waste

These towels are so easy to use and have really helped me reduce my dependency on paper towels. Since they roll up on their own roll they’re accessible and I can grab them quickly to clean up messes or wipe something down!

Carla dickson
Excellent Product

I love these! I use them for cleaning, washing the dishes, drying my dogs feet off, and so much more. I’ve washed them multiple times and they don’t shrink!!

Brianna valentine
Absolutely Fabulous!

These unpaper towels are fabulous! Honestly, I was a little surprised at the size. Somewhere in my mind, I visualized them bigger. However, I got over that quickly and realized they are the perfect size for just about everything. I use them for napkins, cleaning, and spills. Love them!!!


We wanted to try them out to see if they would work for a party setting with a barbecue feast and they did the job and saved a lot of paper towels in the long run.