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2 Pack - Upcycled Cat Treats (Recycled Plastic Packaging)

2 Pack - Upcycled Cat Treats (Recycled Plastic Packaging)

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Across the US, researchers estimate that 40% of all harvested food is thrown away, without ever being eaten. Many times, this is because they have imperfections or blemishes, so supermarkets won't take them.

When Shameless Pets learned this, they dedicated themselves to upcycling food waste to craft high quality pet snacks. And 'Catnip N Chill' is one of their fastest growing products.

These crunchy, bite-sized treats are made with chicken, sweet potatoes, and catnip, along with both pre & probiotics to support your cats gut digestion and health.

These treats are proudly made in the US in a 100% solar energy ran facility, and their packaging is made of recycled plastic. I want to note here, that our team looked very hard for a completely plastic free treat option, but could not find one that we liked. Shameless Pets tried to launch a plastic free option themselves, but it did not sell well with consumers so they had to unfortunately cancel it.

Corn, grain, and soy free | No artificial flavors | 2.5 oz packs


    Ingredients: chicken, sweet potato*, brown rice, tapioca, brewers dried yeast, miscanthus grass, chicken fat, natural chicken liver flavor, catnip, inulin, sorbic acid (a preservative), mixed tocopherols (a preservative), rosemary extract, dried bacillus coagulans fermentation product

    * Upcycled Ingredient

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Maxwell Walton
    My cat actually meows!

    My 4 year old cat, Flynn, loves these treats! He asks for them every time I'm in the kitchen. I don't even need to be near the cupboard they're in. In fact, any package remotely resembling the one the Shameless Pets Catnip and Chill Crunchy Cat Treats come in is fair game, including my granola. Trying to explain to a Maine Coon sized cat that something isn't for him when he thinks it is, or should be, is entertaining. This is especially true because Flynn doesn't meow. Oh sure, he makes cat noises, but nothing resembling the meow we've come to expect. That is, until he'd eaten his first Catnip and Chill treat. The next time I took out the package, he let out the loudest meow I've ever heard, and trust me, I've heard a lot of them! He continues to reserve his vocal cord usage for only these treats. And as a consumer as well as a cat parent, I admire the company's outlook on rescuing sweet potatoes that would otherwise be wasted. That's a win win for cats, their parents and sweet potato farmers!

    Kim Owens
    She would probably sell me for them

    I haven't seen a cat this addicted to treats in a while, I was looking for good treats because she's just picky, I got these and she will literally break into my cabinets, bags, anything that isn't put of reach and rip the bag open. They're her favorite part of the day and super fun to hide in little places to distract her while I go to work. The serving size is really generous and it's nice knowing these are filled with good ingredients.

    Tamra Doyle
    Special Diet

    My fur baby was diagnosed with kidney disease and put on a special diet. After weeks of researching treats in search of some that he could have, I discovered these. Everyone deserves a treat! Imagine how boring life would be if you couldn't indulge when you wanted to? These treats have the limited amount of phosphorus and sodium that fits into his kidney care diet. As a huge plus, he also happens to love them!

    Natalie Brady
    My cats are quite happy

    Finally! A treat they love that doesn't end in vomit all over the house. So far it's been so much better than other types we have tried. No adverse reactions and clean ingredients.

    Peter W.
    Best Treats Ever

    My Bubba loves this treat! Small , crunchy and low in calories. I'm so happy I found these, he is prone to diarrhea from treats but not this one.